July 14, 2008

During the past year, I noticed a numbing in my right foot. Primarily the numbness occurred on the ball of the foot; in the last 3 months, the pain and numbness graduated to the side of my foot and up the ankle. It was aggravated while driving. During the last month prior to treatment, the numbness attacked the left foot, and both feet started to burn and ache.

A podiatrist gave me a quick exam, and a prescription for Lyrica and an appointment with a neurologist.

A physician diagnosed my problem as peripheral neuropathy, and advised I try Lyrica. My response to Lyrica was very unpleasant; the physician then recommended anti-depressants and pain medication.

After discussions with friends and family, I decided to try Chiropractic and Acupuncture. The Chiropractic straightened my back, and Dr. Lawrence Tang started Acupuncture treatment. I am ongoing with the acupuncture treatments. In 4 weeks the pain and burning feeling have significantly reduced, he is treating the depression and I am feeling much better.

Dr. Tang is very caring, empathetic and very knowledgeable practitioner; he and his associated make me feel very comfortable. I can recommend him to anyone who requires his professional help. Dr. Tang is easy to talk with and very straight to the point.

Roger Latta, Entrepreneur, West Vancouver

April 16, 2008

After months of unsuccessful attempts getting pregnant, I received treatment from Dr. Tang which included acupuncture, massage and herb remedies. Within one cycle of beginning my treatment found out that I was pregnant and now have a beautiful baby girl.

I strongly believe that Dr.Tang’s methods were the number one contributing factors to a successful conception. I strongly recommend anyone who is struggling with infertility, considering consulting with Dr. Tang at the St. Georges Health Center.

Thank you very much Dr. Tang for helping me and our family.

R.J. Clark R.N

December 26, 2007

I want to sincerely thank you for helping me have my second child. She is beautiful, healthy four-month old girl. The treatments you performed were painless and the results speak for themselves. You have always been professional. Your knowledge of local insurance plans is priceless. I have always been reimbursed for my treatments.

I highly recommend Dr. Tang’s fertility treatments. I know first hand of hoe effective they are.

Robert Savage, RPH, BCPS